Many of our content partners maintain their own audio archives (some with transcripts and translations) on their websites. (We even have a free Spotify playlist featuring some of our Radio Ambulante stories.) If you don't need to improve your listening skills or are still working on the basics of reading a translated script, then you probably don't need Jiveworld.

If, however, you struggle to understand a language as it's spoken and want more support and guidance, Jiveworld is here to help.  We employ the Jiveworld Method, designed to train your ear and quickly expand your vocabulary. We offer a host of features, including selective redaction, speed control, mini lessons called Soundbites with listening prompts, curated vocab, translations, scaffolded content to provide structure, and a study flow designed to help you reach learning goals and milestones.

Jiveworld will take you further with less time and effort overall. Many of our Jiveworld customers graduate to listening to podcasts "hands-and-eyes-free" and watching movies without subtitles within a year of consistent usage. We want to get you to a level of confidence in your target language so you don't need Jiveworld (or any other language app) ever again.