The Jiveworld App is now available for mobile on iOS and Android devices.  (Web version will arrive in 2022.) Search for "Jiveworld" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download.

Apple / iOS


Supported iPhone models include the iPhone 6s and later devices.


Jiveworld is currently an iPhone-specific app, but modern iPads can run Jiveworld in  "iPhone compatibility mode" with the iPhone view expanded to fill the larger screen. iPad models released since 2016 should work well in this mode, including iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4, iPad 2017 and later models. We recommend trying the app first with the free content to see if it works to your satisfaction on your iPad.

Google / Android


Jiveworld works on most Android phones manufactured since 2016, and many of the ones from before. But for the best experience we recommend the following phones, and later models of the same series (e.g. Pixel 3, Galaxy S10, etc.):

  • Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, Note 8+
  • Google Pixel 2, 2XL
  • LG G7, v30
  • Huawei P9, Mate 10
  • Motorola G7


Jiveworld works on most Android tablets, but the user interface design is optimized for handsets.