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At Jiveworld we love great radio stories, and from the very start we wanted to build a business that would work symbiotically with top radio and podcast producers.

What Jiveworld offers

  • New revenue stream on your existing audio stories with a revenue share agreement. 
  • New audiences of eager learners who need language assistance to enjoy your content.
  • Simple and fair license agreement, with no exclusivity claim.
  • Low / no hassle engagement — After you share the audio assets we take care of the rest.
  • Brand safety — Your stories are presented whole and intact. You get final approval, with web access to preview stories before release.

What we look for

  • Great narratives, with broad appeal — Memorable stories that make learning an engaging experience. The Jiveworld Method uses the natural structure and rhythm of the narrative to illustrate useful expressions and cultural ideas to the learner.
  • Evergreen stories — We invest hours of editorial work into each minute of audio. We avoid the hyper-current — this week's news — and instead look for stories that will continue to delight for many years.
  • Diverse voices — Our promise to customers is that they will learn a language as it's really spokenlike they'll encounter it outside the classroom. In the real world there is no "one true voice." Rather, you have to build a robust ear to different styles of speaking, whether regional, generational, or socio-economic. 
  • A long-term partnership — We prefer a few deep partnerships rather than many shallow ones. Generally we'll only consider a new content partnership for a language product if it offers something quite different from what we already have. Our credo is quality over quantity: our learners don't want or need hundreds of hours of similar content; they need dozens of hours in a variety of genres.