Selective Redaction and Assist Mode (the lightbulb icon) explained

Selective Redaction — hiding some, but not all, of the words — is a key feature of the Jiveworld Method.

Other apps take an all-or-nothing approach to showing the transcript. Showing nothing leaves the learner floundering, unable to piece together a narrative. But displaying all of the words means you are most likely just reading and doing very little active listening.

Selective redaction lets you choose the level of help you need, while you still keep your ears working hard to fill in the gaps. We also provide other assistance such as speed control and  hints in your primary language preceding each passage. You can switch on these helpers by enabling Assist Mode — when the lightbulb icon is yellow.

To personalize the Assist Mode settings, tap on the gear icon above the lightbulb. Use the slider to control display for two types of words / phrases:

  • Vocab — Words and phrases that might be unfamiliar to you are underlined in green. This control also enables "sic" (underlined in red) which indicates any non-standard or erroneous usage by the speaker. Tapping on these underlined segments will reveal a panel with definitions or corrections.
  • Tricky Bits —  These are words and phrases that should be familiar, but might be difficult to discern because of the way they are spoken. They are underlined in gray, and dark gray underlines mean there's a short language or cultural note you can view by tapping.

If you prefer, you can reveal all the marked-up words in the transcript during playback by moving the slider control all the way to the right.

Additionally, you can tap on a speaker label to see a short description of the character’s role in the story.