Jiveworld is designed with the intermediate or advanced language learner in mind, usually someone with a year or more of serious study.

We don't offer structured lessons that teach basic vocabulary and grammar. Rather, we focus on training your ear to understand real-world language, spoken at natural speed in a variety of accents, and broadening your colloquial vocabulary as you hear words and phrases in real-world contexts.

If you are an "advanced beginner" interested in Jiveworld, try this:

  • Slow down the speed of playback (the control is to the left of the Play button)
  • Reveal the entire transcript ("Show all words" from the X-ray menu in the Player Settings)
  • For the first listen, read along with the translation to get a good feel for the story (tap the translation icon to the right of the Play button)
  • Listen to each chapter multiple times using the Study Mode. When you're ready, increase the speed a little, hide some of the words (select “Show some words”), and see how far you've come!

Don't get hung up trying to understand every word. You'll pick up a lot of useful vocabulary and expressions just by experiencing these fantastic stories. You'll be surprised how quickly you progress when making Jiveworld a regular part of your study routine.