Audio speed controls explained

Naturally spoken language can be challenging for learners. Not everyone speaks slowly and precisely like the teacher in your classroom or the characters in made-for-study recordings. Jiveworld features podcasts that are made for native listeners, but with the tools you ned to understand them. Our app lets you slow everything down (to 0.6x speed) using the audio speed controls.

While studying a new chapter, find a comfortable speed that allows you to hear at least half the words. As you get more confident with the material, you can increase the speed. Make sure to listen once through in the Natural Listen Mode so you get used to listening at normal speeds and without the help of translations transcripts, or other hints.

Remember, there's a world of difference between "slow language" and native language at a slower speed. With Jiveworld you're always listening to authentic language, the kind you'll hear in the real world.