We are working on a vocab study feature that we think is better than flashcards and more well suited to the purpose and method of Jiveworld.

That said, we have a simple Vocabulary export feature that makes it easier for you to use certain flashcard apps (like Quizlet and Anki).  You can enable this feature from Settings — just below "Manage my account" on the "Me" menu (bottom-right on small screens, or bottom-left on large screens).

Now, you will find an Export vocab... option in the story menu (with the three dots), and a separate share/export button at the top of the episode’s Vocab List page.  

When you select the export option, we will email you a text (tab-separated) document with the words and definitions. You can import into Quizlet or import into Anki or copy-paste wherever you wish. The vocabulary export feature operates on a per-episode basis, and if you’ve saved vocabulary lists for multiple stories, you will have to export them separately.

Anki vs Quizlet

Anki is a an Open Source project maintained by a community of volunteer software engineers. It is supported on most platforms, has a rich feature set, and a lot of content (decks) that have been shared by users on many subjects. The downside is that the apps can be quite complex, and not all features are supported on all platforms. For importing your wordlists from Jiveworld into Anki, you need to do so with the Anki app for desktop (which you can download https://apps.ankiweb.net). The screenshot below (for the Mac OS version) shows where to find the "Import File" button which you can point to the ".tsv" file sent to your email. You can then "play" the deck on the same app, or sync to your account to play on mobile. 

Our recommendation is to use Quizlet, which provides a much easier interface. You can create new flashcard decks on the web in just a few seconds.  Below are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Sign in to your Quizlet account (on your web browser) and click "Create" to create a study set.

2. Name your study set and add a description if you like, then click the blue link at the bottom "Import from Word, Excel, Google Docs, etc."

3. Select and copy all the content from the .tsv file that we emailed you.

4. Paste the content into Quizlet's dialog box, and make sure that "Tab" and "New line" are selected in the options below.  Then click the "Import" button.

5. Review the entries on the next screen. You can make edits or add images.  Once you're satisfied, click "Create" at the top or bottom right.

6. You will actually get an error message.  Click on the red links below the first vocab to select your languages (Spanish for "Term" and English for "Definition").

Don't ask us why there were no prompts to input this information before ...

7. Click "Create" after you set the language. You will be able to view your saved study sets on both the web browser and Quizlet's mobile app.