Most media based learning apps — and even Jiveworld's previous design — allow learners to pause playback as soon as they hear an unfamiliar word. This often means pausing at random places in a sentence, which can lead to a disjointed learning experience. To address this, Jiveworld has introduced Smart Pause. When you encounter a new word and hit pause, playback continues until the end of the sentence. This way, you can see the definitions of the highlighted vocabulary within the full context of the sentence. 

This simple feature encourages listening to complete sentences — manageable segments instead of broken fragments. When you practice listening to your target language, it should feel like natural listening. In the real world it would be strange to cut someone off mid-sentence.

There's an option to disable Smart Pause  — it'll pop up when you try to pause mid-sentence — but we suggest you give this feature a try while listening to a full chapter.