Mobile devices (actually all computers) have a setting that turns the screen off after a while if you don't interact with it. Sometimes this is not what you want — for example when you're watching a video, or listening to a Story or Soundbite on Jiveworld.

The Jiveworld player is built such that the screen should remain on during playback. This works on nearly all modern devices and browsers if they’ve been updated to the latest operating system and browser version.

If your device is "falling asleep" during playback, try one of the following:

  1. Update to the latest version of your device's operating system.
  2. If using Jiveworld on the web, check that you’re using a recent version of one of our recommended browsers (like Chrome).
  3. If neither of the above works, you can change the timeout in system settings. The setting can be under different names: "Auto-lock" (iOS); "Screen timeout" or "Sleep" or "Screen lock" (Android); "Display sleep" (macOS); "Lock screen timeout" (Windows), etc. We recommend setting this to 5 minutes, which should let you play through almost any chapter without interruption.

For iOS devices that don't support iOS 16 or later (e.g. iPhone 8 or older), or if you’ve installed a PWA version on iOS, you'll need to use this third option above.